Where to buy classy shoes?

Are you getting tired of everyday sneakers? Then maybe it’s time for something new and more classy for you. If you’re not experienced in other types of shoes next to sneakers it’s good to look into some options. Shop online or in store and select something that is chic but still casual for your everyday look.


The internet is the perfect way to look into all types of shoes. Especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet, you will find all the options. You can search for a specific brand like Aurelien shoes or you can just search for a model or style you might like. Most webshops will recommend you other options based on your preferences, which will make it even easier to find something similar that you might like even better than your first option. You can also look at different brands, webshops and compare the prices. Besides that you have the option to look at reviews.

In store

If you live in a big city it’s probably easy for you to find a good shoe store. Of course there are a lot of sneaker stores but there are also a lot of stores that specialize in leatherwear. This way you can fit all kinds of shoes and decide which one you like best. You can also ask an employee of the store if they have something similar in stock that is for example a different color or a slightly different model. Online and offline shopping have both their advantages.

Classy and casual

There are lots of shoes that will look classy and you can probably wear them to formal events like a wedding or job interview. If you don’t have a lot of formal occasions it’s good to buy something that you will probably wear in your daily life as well. A good example of ‘casual chic’ are men desert boots. They can be worn at almost every occasion because they have a sneaker-like model but still look casual because of the delicate fabric and fitting.


Chic and casual can be mixed, which is perfect for people that need formal shoes but don’t want to spend money on a pair of shoes that they probably won’t wear casually. You can either buy them online or just in your local shoe store. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, just select something that fits you.

Melinda Krah

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