Preserving 400-yr-previous legacy alive: Aziz Kozgar’s ‘Arq-e-Gulab’ store

Table of Contents Rose Drinking water Added benefits  Together the serpentine and dusty by-lanes of Srinagar’s Previous City, the light aroma of rose water is a motive plenty of for a deep breath. It also makes it possible for anyone to forget about the mundane schedule and rejuvenate. Listed here […]

Together the serpentine and dusty by-lanes of Srinagar’s Previous City, the light aroma of rose water is a motive plenty of for a deep breath. It also makes it possible for anyone to forget about the mundane schedule and rejuvenate. Listed here is the Srinagar’s ‘Arq-i-Gulab’ shop–the final surviving rose water distillery in Kashmir–situated some techniques from Khanqah-e-Moula shrine in Downtown.

The store carries a 400-yr-outdated legacy of Kashmir as it has survived quite a few onslaughts and political turmoils in the region. And the precious rose water from the Arq-e-Gulab store doesn’t price tag significantly. A litre of traditionally-manufactured rose drinking water is marketed at just Rs 40 which is why it attained large popularity in recent many years and appeals to younger and outdated purchasers alike.

The retailer is regarded all above India and other international locations like United kingdom, France, the United states, and Germany for its purely natural fragrant syrups and water extracted from refreshing roses. Its operator the 65-calendar year-aged Abdul Aziz Kozgar states the shop was opened around 1820 by his fantastic grandfather immediately after he imported jars, decanters and other points from France and British isles to open up the business in Srinagar.

There are many stores in the outdated town that declare some lineage dating back again to the 19th century but Kozgar was capable to maintain the classic strategy of earning rose drinking water even as there is a growth of fashionable and device-made rose water accessible in the market place.

Having said that, he suggests that his business enterprise may possibly not endure the indifferences of the young era in the direction of the regular business.

“This store is shut to my heart as it can be a present to me from my ancestors. I want my little ones would also have it forward to protect this generations-outdated custom,” he claims.

Kozgar claims the younger era fortunately uses the rose h2o from his shop. Having said that, they never want to do the career them selves, according to him.

“I imagine my little ones believe that this shop may possibly not make them fantastic dollars which is legitimate also,” he says.

“The traditional and all-natural technique of extracting rose water is a time-consuming and tiring perform though the returns are not the similar,” he claims.

As per Kozgar, his family arrived in the Kashmir Valley from Turkey all around 500 decades in the past. In India and other South Asian nations around the world, rose h2o is ordinarily sprinkled on devotees in mosques, shrines and on guests in the course of welcome ceremonies.

“It is really thought of a blessing when employed in sacred destinations and events,” claims Kozgar.

“It is also utilized in numerous dishes during cooking to get the aroma and refreshing addition to drinks in the summer season,” he suggests.

Inspite of a lot of challenges and indifference of the young generation Kozgar stands tall in his store total of emerald glass bottles and filigreed decanters that were obtained a long time in the past.

Mostly unused and vacant bottles lined on the cabinets give them an antique look. The Kozgars had been industry experts in Unani medication (an ancient Perso-Arabic procedure of medication with roots in the teachings of Galen and Hippocrates), and Aziz Kozgar remembers stacked mountains of rose petals in the family’s courtyard, completely ready to be crushed for syrups and manually distilled into rose water.

He suggests his family would also make a wide range of organic concoctions, but the store now specializes generally in rose h2o and a couple of other traditional herbal syrups considered to aid in digestion, which are however prepared as they ended up centuries in the past.

“We have been perfuming the shrines and sherbets of Srinagar for generations,” he says.

Nevertheless, Kozgar rues the current affliction of the trade declaring that the manually developed rose h2o may perhaps keep till he is alive.

But till then the magical fragrance of a bygone period will stay and keep on to refresh the people today who pass by way of the bylanes of Downtown.



The shop carries a 400-12 months-previous legacy of Kashmir as it has survived many onslaughts and political turmoils in the area. And the worthwhile rose water from the Arq-e-Gulab shop doesn’t charge significantly. A litre of usually-made rose h2o is bought at just Rs 40 which is why it obtained enormous recognition in current yrs and appeals to youthful and previous clients alike.


The store is regarded all around India and other countries like British isles, France, the United states of america, and Germany for its purely natural fragrant syrups and h2o extracted from fresh new roses. Its owner the 65-year-aged Abdul Aziz Kozgar suggests the shop was opened all over 1820 by his fantastic grandfather following he imported jars, decanters and other issues from France and Uk to open up the business enterprise in Srinagar.








Rose Drinking water Added benefits


1. Helps soothe skin discomfort

Just one of the biggest advantages of rose h2o is its sturdy anti-inflammatory homes. These houses can help address several conditions, both of those internal and external. It may perhaps even assist soothe the discomfort of eczema or rosacea.


2. Soothes sore throats

Medical doctors usually prescribe antibiotics for sore throats, but you may well want to check out rose drinking water as effectively. Rose drinking water has traditionally been made use of to soothe sore throats. Although exploration is desired to establish its efficiency, there’s solid anecdotal evidence to assistance it and quite minimal danger in making an attempt it.



3. Minimizes pores and skin redness

Rose drinking water has been utilized as a natural beauty merchandise for 1000’s of yrs, so it’s no shock that it can strengthen your complexion and lower pores and skin redness. The antibacterial properties may support cut down zits. The anti-inflammatory attributes can cut down skin redness.


4. Helps reduce and treats infections

Rose water has highly effective antiseptic houses, which can prevent and deal with infections. Because of this, rose drinking water is usually bundled in a selection of normal and medicinal therapies. 1 analyze even discovered that when rose h2o was utilised in eye drops to handle conjunctivitis situations, its antiseptic and analgesic attributes served in dealing with the ocular ailment.


5. Includes anti-oxidants

Rose petals and rose oil comprise a range of effective antioxidants, which can support defend cells from problems. 1 research discovered that these antioxidants experienced opportunity lipid peroxidation inhibitory effects. This presents powerful mobile defense as a outcome.



6. Heals cuts, scars, and burns

Rose water has antiseptic and antibacterial houses that can assistance wounds recover more quickly. These houses can support thoroughly clean and battle off an infection of cuts and burns. They can also assist cuts, burns, and even scars mend more rapidly.


7. Boosts temper

Rose drinking water can have powerful antidepressant and antianxiety homes. A 2011 research located that the extract of rose petals can relax the central nervous process in mice. This resulted in antidepressant and antianxiety outcomes.


8. Relieves headaches

Rose drinking water and rose crucial oil are frequently applied in aromatherapy to enable relieve head aches. This may well be thanks to the de-stressing outcomes reviewed in the part over. One examine located that the vapor of rose water can soothe problems. Yet another alternative is to apply a compress soaked in rose drinking water to the head for 45 minutes for optimistic results.


9. Has anti-getting older properties

Rose water is often found in natural beauty items aimed to reduce wrinkles. Which is due to the fact it might essentially have anti-getting older consequences. In addition to comforting irritated skin, it may possibly reduce the visual appearance of wrinkles when used topically.


10. Soothes digestion difficulties

In people medication, rose water has been utilised to help in digestion and lessen digestive upset. In accordance to a 2008 analyze, there is some proof that rose drinking water can positively influence digestion and ease digestive upset. It may well also strengthen bile secretion, which can more support digestion.


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