Keep Commercial Gyms Hygienic Using a Steam Cleaner

Maintaining a clean and hygienic commercial gym should be given an attention by owners to keep their customers. Lack of cleanliness and hygiene may lead to loss of customers and even a possibility of closing a business when it is not given a right cleaning solution.

Cleaning commercial gym efficiently is not by wiping the equipment after each use or cleaning hard floors, walls and steam bath area with an ordinary mopping system. Such cleaning method does not remove all the harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Keeping commercial gyms hygienic is not impossible to obtain if owners opt for a higher cleaning system by using steam cleaner, an efficient and the most cost-effective alternative for making commercial gym clean and hygienic environment.

Why use steam cleaner?

JetVac steam vacuum is among these steam cleaners that is perfect machine for hygienic cleaning of commercial gyms from its equipment to all surfaces as hard floor, safety floor, bathroom tiles, sauna bench, kitchen equipment or front counter. JetVac steam vacuum cleaner will clean them all effectively and efficiently.

Here are some of its features and benefits

High temperature

Steam cleaning machine has the true temperature technology that generates up to 180 degree Celsius. A high temperature steam dissolves sweat, soap scum, and other substances found on commercial gym equipment and surfaces. It cleans, sanitized and deodorized almost all areas of commercial gyms including health clubs.

Anti-bacterial technology

These cleaning equipment are known to their anti-bacterial property that kills disease-causing bacteria and fungus. Laboratory tests have proven that this technology is very effective and efficient at killing microorganisms of over 99 percent making it ideal cleaning equipment for commercial gyms and health clubs.

HEPA filters

A great innovation on steam cleaner is HEPA filters that will absorb even the tiniest dust particles and impurities which can cause asthma and allergy. Using steam cleaner with HEPA filter is an advantage and necessary in keeping hygienic environment of any type of fitness facilities.

Less water consumption, 100 percent chemical free

Steam cleaner converts water into dry vapor steam or low-moisture steam made of only 5 percent water vapor. Which means steam cleaner reduces water consumption for about 90 percent to 95 percent as well. Furthermore, this dry vapor steam will penetrate any surfaces deep down leaving the surfaces dry, clean and sanitize without using chemicals.

Versatile cleaning machine

A cleaning equipment that can clean wide surfaces along with a variety of tools and attachments. It can clean and sanitized cardio and weights equipment, mats, benches, floors, desks, locker rooms, bathroom, shower stalls and steam baths. It dissolves and removes residues that can either be wiped away or extracted using its built-in vacuum.

Keeping commercial gyms, health clubs and other fitness facilities will not be difficult anymore using the power steam cleaners.

Melinda Krah

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