Antivirus Live Removal Tutorial – How to Get Rid Of Antivirus Live From Your PC For Good

Antivirus Live is the newest addition to the lineup of malicious programs infecting computer systems all over the world. The main purpose of Antivirus live is to trick users into paying for the application. Further, the program is also capable of corrupting different components of the computer, and it can also steal important information from the system. It prevents the computer from running smoothly and makes it difficult for the user to process and access anything. The program is designed to attach bits of itself to different components in the PC’s system and infect these parts to achieve its aims. As long as the program is inside the system, problems and other errors will you are experiencing simply won’t stop. A number of problems associated with the Antivirus Live include inability to access the internet and Task Manager along with fake scanning results. It’s important to immediately remove the program from the system.

What Is Antivirus Live?

The Antivirus Live program is considered a malicious application; therefore it is capable of spreading malware infections all throughout the computer systems it infects. The program tries to fool the user into thinking that it’s a necessary addition to the computer system. After the user agrees to use it, an email attachment is sent containing the program. Once the user downloads and installs the program, the infection will start.

This has been designed to persuade the user to buy its upgrade for supposedly ‘better’ protection. When the user purchases the upgrade, the application gains even more control over the system and personal information may be easily stolen. Users should not download the program, regardless of its claims and appearance. If the program is already installed then it’s necessary to initiate emergency troubleshooting methods. The following discussion provides an insight on different Antivirus Live solutions you can apply.

How To Remove Antivirus Live From Your PC

The way to remove this infection is to treat this like a piece of software rather than a virus. Most people try and use antivirus programs to get rid of such infections as this – but these applications do nothing to help get rid of this type of virus, because of the way that it will typically block your antivirus programs from actually working. In order to stop the infection from running, you then have to remove it completely from your computer – which can be done by either deleting its files, or its rogue application. The manual way to get rid of this program is to restart your computer into “Safe Mode” (this will prevent it from loading), and then delete any of the files which are listed in the folder below. The only problem is that most of the time, this type of virus keeps a large number of other files around your system, making it vital you’re able to get rid of it in the most complete way possible.

This virus will install itself here:

  • %WINDOWS%\

The best way to remove Antivirus Live from your computer is to use a “malware removal tool” – a piece of software specifically designed by a professional company to get rid of all the infected parts of the Antivirus Live infection. We’ve found that there’s a tool called Frontline Rogue Remover which works to fix this infection in the most effective way possible. You can use this tool by downloading it onto your PC and then letting it remove any of the infected files & folders that Antivirus Live will have placed onto your system.

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