7 Exciting Ways to Make Him Unable to Live Without You! Learn How to Keep Your Boyfriend Addicted

You are madly in love with your man and do not want the love and attraction that exists between you to diminish in anyway! This is what most women want and you can be totally successful in making him so addicted to you that he will be unable to live without you. These exciting tips will make him dependent on you in every way!

Be willing to understand his needs and provide satisfaction
Don’t be deaf and blind to his needs. If you ignore his needs then he will be tempted to go to someone else to get satisfaction. Be there for him and anticipate his needs. Be willing to satisfy him in every way so that he will never need to turn to another! Once he gets used to your type of loving – he won’t be able to do without it!

Be generous in your giving
Whatever you do for him – do it with your whole heart! When he senses that you are cooperating with him and doing all you can to make him happy – he will be touched to the core. He will want you around him wherever he goes and your presence will make him feel confident and happy.

Be as exciting and tempting as ever
Don’t forget the fact that he fell in love with you for certain reasons and if those reasons cease to exist – he could lose interest in you. Make sure you are as exciting, tempting and sexy as you were when you first fell in love. When he sees you looking as attractive and gorgeous as ever – he will be proud to call you his own.

Refuse to be complacent when it comes to him
Complacency is deadly in a relationship and can prove fatal – killing the love that is there between you. Don’t ever be complacent and lethargic when it comes to your man. Do all you can to satisfy him mentally, as well as physically. Go all out to be his dream woman and make him proud of you. This way, he will never want to be without you.

Do things that nobody else would do for him
Don’t be afraid to show him how much you love him. If he is convinced of your love and devotion then he will also begin to trust you and want you around him. No man will want to stay with a woman he does not trust. Complete and consistent fidelity and loyalty on your part will prove that you are the woman for him. Doing things that no one else would do for him will guarantee that he will become addicted to you.

Do things without him asking
Don’t make him beg for things. This will make him reluctant to ask you in the first place! You don’t want him to feel like a beggar or someone who is putting you out by his request! This attitude will make him resent you after a while. Anticipate his needs and desires and comply with his wishes even before he asks you. He will get too used to this and will want you to be there always.

Make the sex mind blowing!
It is easy to make him addicted to you when he enjoys the sex so much. Make the sex mind blowing and exciting and he will never want you to leave! He will always be eager for you and will find himself wanting even more!

Melinda Krah

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